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It is hard to imagine the living room without a coffee table. The place for a comfortable corner sofa requires also a compact coffee table to have a place for putting down a cup of hot coffee, book or TV remote control. What is more an L-shaped and U-shaped corner sofa is designed to be complemented with the coffee table. Thus it is a convenient piece of furniture with its own place in the living room. The coffee table is also considered a vital part of the room arrangement. For this reason there are so many different models of coffee tables – as it comes to style, a colour range, construction and finish. This variety is clearly visible in our category of coffee tables. Therefore it is worth checking our offer carefully before making a final decision.

Coffee tables: traditional vs designer

Boredom is not acceptable in the world of fashion. Consequently designers think of more imaginative forms and new functional solutions. As a result – apart from the simple constructions such as a tabletop on legs – there are the coffee tables with shelves, drawers, or even with a space for newspapers and bookshelves available. Moreover some coffee tables closely resemble chests of drawers, others have more in common with massive chests, and yet another group does not fall within any definition of furniture. Their true nature is revealed by... minimum height.

Coffee tables: knee high or at the floor level

Height of various coffee tables for the living room is not the same – many tables are knee high, others reach the floor level literally, trying to imitate Japanese coffee tables used during the ceremony of drinking tea. The coffee tables without legs are also a hallmark of visionary designers who give cubic shape to their tables. Stability and amazing look are guaranteed by it. One more fashionable feature in designing furniture is – paradoxically – emphasising legs of a coffee table. One example can be glamour style which commonly makes use of slim legs, combining them with a round tabletop in gloss or a tabletop with a mirror effect.

If you are looking for a traditional coffee table, a designer coffee table, or a coffee table designed halfway between the two options, our online store is the ideal place. We are sure that your dream coffee table is waiting for You here. Just choose it.

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