All items delivered by the Seller are under a 12 month warranty, unless the item is sold as damaged or ex-display. During the warranty period, depending on the type of problem, we are obliged to replace the item, deliver missing elements, replace damaged elements or offer repairs at no cost to the buyer.
If you find any fault or damage on your item you can place a complaint by filling out the following form. All complaints are reviewed within 14 days of placing the complaint in accordance with our terms and conditions.


  •  Any damages that occur as a direct result of natural wear and tear, damages due to incorrect usage and/or assembly.
  •  Minor faults*.
    (*Minor faults are faults and damages are those not visible with the naked eye or in dispersed light at the distance of 3m. In case of such minor faults complaints are deemed as baseless.)
  •  All damages and faults submitted after the conclusion of the warranty period. In such a case the Seller (if applicable) can offer replacement parts at a lower cost.
  •  Items that have been modified or repaired by the Buyer himself.
  •  Damages to glass or mirror elements (cracked or shattered parts) that the Buyer did not submit at the time of delivery when checking the item with the driver.
  •  Damage due to usage of chemical products.

In cases of complaints the decision if the damaged or faulty part will be replaced free of charge or if a refund will be offered is the Seller’s prerogative. The Seller bears no responsibility for any potential damage or fault that occurs as a result of a third party’s error or action as well as in case of refusal to collect without basis. In such a case any additional costs that occur in connection to a return or second delivery attempt are bore by the Buyer.

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Boxes marked with star are obligatory.

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