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Ergonomic swivel armchairs with a comfortable backrest are designed for people who spend many hours working at the computer. Adjusted accordingly to office work they reduce negative effects of spending long hours in the sitting position. Office chairs – due to the properly shaped silhouette – have a solid backrest to support the natural curvature of the spine. Armrests relieve hands on their full length during intensive work at the computer.

Office chair: in full rotation

The office chairs in our offer are equipped with mobile wheels and a rotating mechanism. They enable the user to move with greater freedom. There is no need to constantly get up and, at the same time, put pressure on the knees and the spine. What is more the cabinets standing further away from a desk are within reach. It is enough to “drive” the office chair or rotate the seat. The office chairs are equipped also with the height adjustment so the height of a sitting person can be matched with the desktop level. Thus everyone can take a comfortable position before the computer screen.

Swivel armchairs: designer, upholstered and gaming models

Design is the factor that significantly determines the purpose of furniture – this holds true for office chairs. The conference room and the office are ideal places for the swivel armchairs that look classically and elegantly. At home, where one has greater freedom, many people decide to order the office chair which can be harmoniously combined with a style of other items of furniture. Upholstered and quilted armchairs are a part of our offer together with designer models unconventional in form. They are inspired by the look of e.g. rose petals, a filmmaker chair or a racing driver's seat (design characteristic of gaming armchairs).

However, the armchairs mentioned so far do not exhaust our offer from this category. They are the attractive examples that wait for your attention in our online furniture store.

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