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Everyone who is craving for a blissful and peaceful sleep should visit our category of beds designed especially for the bedroom. The choice is really impressive: elegant beds with the upholstered headboard, beds of a simple design, and also the structures with sophisticated metal weavings. Comfort and unique style – they are the common features of all the beds intended for the bedroom.

Bed: soft plush

The bed – considered by some people to be the most important item of furniture at home – has to be comfortable without a shadow of a doubt. Designers compete to construct beds properly, but also to come up with a pleasant and cosy design. The effect of their efforts are spacious beds covered with soft and plush upholstery. The advantage of such beds is not only a nice in touch fabric, in which you would like to drown, but also the possibility to choose its colour from a wide range of saturated and deep tones.

Bed: oak grain

People who love to surround themselves with wood will choose the right bed without any problems in our online store. The offer we prepared includes double beds made of furniture board with a grain pattern and discolouration characteristic of oak boards. Additional decorations – in the form of black inserts – introduce a captivating variety and modern features to the overall look of the bed.

The invisible bed

This is not a joke! Beds hidden in boxes that take the form of an aesthetic “plinth” are an interesting alternative to all free-standing beds. The former are known by name of wall beds. They are willingly used in small flats or to complement designer arrangements. It is enough to use the lever mechanism to make the bed disappear and turn into an intriguing element of the room. The wall beds have one more advantage – there is no need to hide and take out bedding from the storage container. The same mechanism causes the bed to appear already made.

Which bed will be your dream bed? Choose from dozens of models and invite one of them to your bedroom!

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