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Armchairs and divans have the two features wanted by many customers – the functionality of a bed and a comfortable seating. However space saving seems to be their main advantage. Therefore they are willingly chosen to guest rooms. During the day inmates use them as comfortable armchairs or sofas, at night convert them into beds. Their usefulness is proven when parents in law make a visit.
Divan: upholstered bed

Divans – just as sofas and sofa beds – belong to the category of upholstered furniture, but in terms of construction they have more in common with traditional box beds. Thus divans have the mattress and the bedding container inside the box, but the similarities end there. The mattress of the divan is placed in an upholstered coating which makes the mattress the integral part. Then it is enough to take off sheets and blankets so the divan becomes an elegant item of furniture, ready to seat guests.

Armchairs in the youths room

Under this “geographical” name you will find a reclining armchair (or a mini sofa) which, due to the simple mechanism, can be converted into a comfortable place to sleep. The easiness of changing the functions makes armchairs appear very often in the youth's room or the children's room as single beds. The armchair in the size of a mini sofa bed can be used during the day as the place for chatting or relaxing together with friends. At night it will be the comfortable place to sleep. Its great asset is also space saving which is absolutely necessary in the youth's room or the children's room. To sum up - the play area, the place for exercises or other activities is characteristic of compact and functional items of furniture. Armchairs are certainly one of them.

Modern style

Many people remember divans and armchairs from the old days when these items were crude and boring. However their modern versions stand in contrast to this severe style by means of fashionable and deep colours, elegant stitching or subtle lines. Many models – in terms of design – are not much different from spacious living room sofa beds. Thus it can be said that they are pure aesthetics in a nutshell. We invite you to use them in the privacy of your home.

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