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Wing armchairs, chaise lounges, rocking armchairs, armchairs in a retro style, swivel armchairs, bucket armchairs, Scandinavian style armchairs – these are the names of the popular armchairs that are chosen for the living room most often. Their soft seats and stable supports are synonymous to what relax and comfort essentially mean. There is no doubt everyone will appreciate these features after a hard day at work.

Relax as you like

In a sitting position or a reclining position, when sitting stable, swinging rhythmically or even turning around – these are the forms of relaxation in an armchair. This variety is a result of an individual design of each armchair type: chaise lounges stand out because of the significantly lengthened seat, bucket armchairs stand steady on legs, swivel armchairs contain movement mechanisms. A rocking armchair, associated with a grandmother who knits, comes back into the living room in a strongly refreshed version. The half-round skids in combination with a comfortable and upholstered seat will be appreciated not only by grandmothers, but also by young mothers and everyone who gets in a relaxing mood by gentle rocking.

Legs and wings

Armchairs are available in a range of colours and fabrics, but in many different shapes as well. Wing chairs draw attention to themselves. It explains their popularity and royal fame. There is no exaggeration in this wording, because first models of wing chairs were made a few centuries ago and inspired by a royal throne itself. The inclined backrest, the deep seat, the small legs and the protruding “wing” on each side make the sitting person feel like His/Her Highness. Through the centuries wing chairs have undergone metamorphosis into a comfortable and a very cosy piece of furniture. Therefore enthusiasts of modern trends will find in our offer designer armchairs that captivate with their shapes and finely pleated upholstery.

The abovementioned armchairs are available in our offer. We invite you to browse our website and make a purchase!

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