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Orders placed by 8th of November will be delivered before Christmas.
We will try hard to deliver orders placed after that date as soon as possible but we cannot guarantee it will be before Christmas.

FURNIPOL furniture importer offers a wide range of products for every home. Designs in our offer are varied, so we can adapt to different needs of our clients. Corner sets, all with the option of sleeping, sofas with sleeping function and container for bedding, divans, coffee tables and occasional tables, TV tables, benches with tables, tables and chairs for dining room, modern and exclusive living room furniture at competitive prices - all this you can find here. FURNIPOL guarantees a high quality of products and professional service.

NOTE: The colors of fabrics may vary from the original due to different monitor settings.

Choice of the fabric does not affect the price. All fabrics are in the same price.

Ask the consultant for more details and costs of delivery, we help in the selection of fabrics and colors.

Furniture made for special orders are not refundable.

Delivery times for furniture purchased from us is from 5 to 35 working days.

Bringing chosen furniture into your house is payable and carried out as agreed with the drivers.

Before you place an order, please make sure that the chosen piece of furniture will fit into your home. This is particularly important in case of large corner sets and sofas.

If a piece of furniture that was ordered did not fit into your home, we have the right to leave it outside and demand full payment.

We invite you to check our offer!

Enjoy your shopping!


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